Material Abuse
Organized by Caren Golden,
Caren Golden Fine Art
Oct. 27 — Dec. 7, 2006

The artists presented in “Material Abuse” reward the viewer with a snapshot view of some of the highly original means of art-making evident in contemporary art today. Traditional genres of art-making are compromised, altered and contemporized. New production techniques are invented. Art making becomes an act of defiance and alchemy.

Nontraditional materials, sometimes of questionable value, including concrete, map tacks, medicine bottles, antique fabrics, spools of thread, spoons, discarded clothes, fur, light bulb filaments, paper money and Styrofoam packing materials, to name a few, undergo a meticulous transformation. Paper is cut and subjected to chemical spills. Glass is leaned, layered, painted and abraded. Objects are stacked, pried, inverted, soldered, bound, embroidered, pierced and flocked. The end results surpass both physically and conceptually, the sum of the parts. What, in fact, is the mundane is elevated and the familiar transformed.