Aug. 27 - Oct. 21, 2007
Benjamin Busch: Photographs from Iraq

Occupation spans photographs taken from February through September 2005 in and around Ar Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Al Anwar province.

A Reserve Major in the U.S. Marine Corps, Benjamin Busch returned last fall from his second combat tour of duty in Iraq. A civil affairs officer in Ramadi, one of Iraq’s most dangerous cities, Benjamin’s photography eloquently documents daily survival in the face of war, and it reveals how a sense of occupation colored his interactions with local residents. The 60 full-color prints also help to tell the story of how Iraqis are coping with chaotic and uncertain change in today’s Iraq. An accomplished photographer with a keen eye for tragic irony, Benjamin’s photos are breath-taking, provocative and powerfully moving.

--From Epic press release, March 2, 2006.